Vector Maps

WorkOutDoors displays a fully functional vector map (just like the maps on the iPhone). The map is perfect for outdoor workouts because it includes paths, trails, tracks & pistes.


Maps can be smoothly panned with your finger and zoomed by using the digital crown. They can also be stored offline on your watch for use when there is no data signal. Choose from standard maps or topographic maps with contours and hill shading.

Maps for the whole world are included. There are no subscriptions or extra payments.

Map Features



The map can rotate to match the compass (if available) or the direction of travel. When rotating the GPS location is below the centre, to show more detail ahead than behind.

The optional red compass points towards the north. Tap it to turn auto-rotate on or off.


GPS Trail & Tracking

A series of blue dots marks out your whole route. The dots are grey where the GPS signal was poor.

If you pan away from your location, then a Tracking button appears in the bottom left. Tap it to resume tracking.


Zoom & Pan

You can use your finger to pan across the map in any direction.

You can zoom in or out by using the digital crown. A scale is shown as you zoom, making it easy to determine how far away places are.


Import GPX Routes

GPX Routes can be imported and displayed on the map. You can also set up an "off route" alert.

The colour of the routes indicates the elevation. Uphill stretches are shown in red and downhill stretches are shown in blue.


Topographic Data

The app has the option of topographic maps with contour lines and hill shading to help you read the terrain. To use the topographic maps go to the Map settings in the app.

These settings also allow you to change the colour and opacity of the contours and the opacity of the hill shading.


Smart Contours

You can configure different colours for contours above you and those below, making it easier to read the terrain.

In the screenshot the contours below you are blue and contours above you are red, so you can easily see that you are on a ridge between a large peak and a smaller peak.



A map can be displayed without starting a workout. All of the same map functionality is available as when running a workout.

In this mode you can control how long the GPS stays on, to help minimise battery usage.


Hollow Routes

Routes can be configured to be shown as "Hollow". This means they appear as twin lines either side of the trail to follow.

This allows the user to see the trail types and names, rather than have them obscured by the route.



If the GPX route contains waypoints then these are shown as icons on the map, with the waypoint name underneath if room.

If the waypoint has a detailed description then this is available by tapping the icon.


Start Compass

The optional green compass points in the direction of where you started your workout (marked by a green circle).

Tapping the green compass shows the distance to this starting position.


GPS Meter

The GPS Signal strength indicator is shown in the top left corner. Double-tap that area to hide it or display it again.

Single tap the indicator to show the exact GPS accuracy at the bottom of the screen.


POIs and Roads

You can see more information about POIs or road names by simply tapping them.

The POI or name will enlarge to be more visible, and details will be shown temporarily at the bottom of the screen.


Other Features

There are loads of other features available by tapping or double tapping items.

Tap the GPS arrow to see the latitude and longitude. Or tap the time to see it in full, with seconds. Double tap controls to hide or reshow them.


iPhone App

The iPhone app allows areas of the map to be downloaded and transferred to the Apple Watch, for use offline.

This allows you to use the maps even without a data signal, and if you have GPS on the watch then you do not even need to bring your iPhone!

Downloading the maps in this manner also makes them quicker to draw on your watch, because it does not need to download them before drawing.

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